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Why not honoring your personal brand will suck the life out of you!

I was reading an old blog about the last day of contract that ended and I was relieved.  This was a contract after my tenure with the mouse so I knew a lot about the environment, the people and the product before even accepting.  I had a lot to learn and it wasn’t all job related, if you know what I mean.  I had a lot to learn about my personal brand.   The weird part for me was that […]

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Survive – Alive – Contrive – Thrive – How to get to your personal brand

A client described feeling dead inside.  It was so weird because she looked very much alive, vibrant and living a life that was interesting and exciting from the external point of view.  The death that she described wasn’t her heart, her soul or her drive.  It was her dream.  She forget what she was supposed to do in life and found herself on a path that looked like success but felt like a trap. Knowing your personal brand is finding […]

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Why Tuesdays Matter by Patricia Weiland

No one even thinks about Tuesday. It’s not painful to start the day… it’s just Tuesday. The hump doesn’t happen until tomorrow. Anything that doesn’t get done today will get done tomorrow. The biggest meeting day is Thursday. Traffic in normal on Tuesday and horrible on Thursday. A coincidence? I think not. Tuesday is no Friday or Saturday and never mind being anywhere near a Sunday. Tuesday is, well, just Tuesday. What Tuesday lacks in flash and emotion it gains […]

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Happiness is a Warm Brand – Four Questions To Ask Yourself

What do you feel at the end of the work day? Exhausted? Exhilarated? Satisfied? Beaten? Happy? Now, I am personally satisfied and wish there were more hours in the day. However that wasn’t always the case. I was flipping through my old blog notes and was reminded of a time that I knew at the time was profound. I knew because something happened that never happened before. I was sitting in a class in grad school and tears were streaming […]

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