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Corporate Client List

Corporate Client List

A partial list of client’s employers:
  • The Walt Disney Company (Entertainment / Consumer Products)
  • Cisco (Technology)
  • ABC Television (Entertainment)
  • Time Warner Cable (Entertainment)
  • iRise (High tech – Start Up)
  • PVH/Warneco (Consumer Products)
  • ICT (Call Center – Customer Service)
  • Tracy Locke (Advertising Agency)
  • Northrop Grumman (Aerospace)
  • State Farm (Insurance franchisees)
  • Comcast Cable (Broadcast Advertising)
  • Los Angeles County / USC Medical Center (Healthcare)
  • The Northface Company (Consumer Products – Outdoor)

Clients hold these positions:

  • Senior Vice President Human Resources
  • Senior Vice President Training and Operations
  • Regional Vice President of Sales
  • Vice President Operations
  • National Sales Manager
  • General Managers/Plant Managers
  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Business Owners
  • Production Directors
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Vice President and Director of Human Resources
  • Vice President New Product Development
  • Landscape Designers
  • Training and Development Consultant
  • Branch Manager

What they say?

Senior Vice President in Consumer Products…  ”I can’t thank you enough, the resume you wrote is getting high praise, it’s genius.”

Senior Regional Vice President in sales…. ”I appreciate using you as a sounding board, the insight you bring with the confidentiality is invaluable.”

General Manager in a family business on communication… “We have had record months for over a year now. …I know that we are keeping more of our money, not having to give money back to customers due to the conversations we’re having.”

Deputy Chief in government on trusting yourself… “I know that I wouldn’t have had that same conversation before coaching.”

Branch Manager on prepping for a difficult conversation… “It helped so much to shift focus from on how devastating it can be to the possibility that he would be relieved. He is relieved. It ended up that he was more than willing to assist in the transition.”

Grief and Loss Counselor on perspective…“You are one that I go to for business advice. You always bring strong, sound business perspective to the conversation.”

Trainer, Consultant and Coach on seeing the shadow side… “Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for everything… for opening that door….. Still surprised that I trust you as much as I do.”

Supervisor of Admissions and Records on emotional intelligence…“Conversations with my toxic boss are still challenging but I can now separate her behavior from what I need to get done.”

Situation comedy writer on humor…“You know you’re really funny and you really get how people work.”

Landscape Designer on getting unstuck in the creative process… “The right guidance can bring out the necessary direction to do what you know you need to do.”

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