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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment has helped millions of people worldwide gain insights about themselves and how they interact with others—and improve how they communicate, learn, and work. It provides a powerful framework for building better relationships, driving positive change, harnessing innovation, and achieving excellence. The MBTI assessment makes Carl Jung’s theory of psychological type both understandable and highly practical by helping individuals identify their preferences in four areas:

• Where you focus your attention
• How you gather information
• How you make decisions
• How you set up your world

Learn Your Why

Using Simon Sinek’s on line course to do the deep dive and discover why you do what you do.  This is foundational to really finding your bliss in your career.  This also brings rich career success. The process requires time and your memory of experiences.  The facilitator will help you dig a little deeper and really find your truth.

DiSC Behavioral Assessments – Certified Professional Behavioral Associate

Certification requires study in the validity, advantages, cautions and how to use the DiSC profile. In the process you acquire a level of professionalism and a verifiable depth of expertise
The DiSC behavioral assessment is an online test that produces a report that defines unique behavior, and guides the employee and manager in leveraging behavior for success. With this capability, this versatile management tool can give insight to behavior you don’t notice, help you understand behaviors in others, improve communication and help you build better relationships.

The DISC reports are produced from a series of questions answered on line, The report measures observable behaviors and categorizes them in four areas D (Dominance), I (Influence), S (Steadiness), and C (Compliance) or:

• D – How you respond to problems and challenges.
• I – How you influence people and contacts.
• S – How you respond to the pace and consistency.
• C – How you respond to procedures and compliance.


Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)

The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) is the world’s best-selling tool for helping people understand how different conflict-handling styles affect interpersonal and group dynamics—and for empowering them to choose the appropriate style for any situation.

The TKI assesses an individual’s typical behavior in conflict situations and describes it along two dimensions: assertiveness and cooperativeness. It provides detailed information about how that individual can effectively use five different conflict-handling modes, or styles.

Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation™ (FIRO®)

The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation™ (FIRO®) instruments help people understand their interpersonal needs and how those needs influence their communication style and behavior—and in the process improve their personal relationships and professional performance. These tools have helped individuals, teams, and organizations around the world grow and succeed by serving as a catalyst for positive behavioral change.

The FIRO assessments are based on social need theory: all living things seek equilibrium between their basic needs and getting those needs met. They address, gather, and present critical insights around these fundamental areas:

• How you tend to behave toward others
• How you want others to behave toward you

Strong Interest Inventory®

The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment is one of the world’s most widely respected and frequently used career planning tools. It has helped both academic and business organizations develop the brightest talent and has guided thousands of individuals—from high school and college students to midcareer workers seeking a change—in their search for a rich and fulfilling career.

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