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Patricia Weiland


Patricia Weiland believes that all people should wake up excited to go work. She brings more than 25 years of big brand marketing communication experience to helping people rediscover their strengths and rewrite their story to get excited about promoting themselves. Studying communication and behavioral science built her foundation as an Executive Coach. For the past ten years she used her talent to bring clarity to hundreds of clients including Fortune 100 companies. Her success stories come from Millennials who want to create an intentional career path to senior executives who want to love what they do with confidence in what they know and entrepreneurs who want to talk confidently for the first time. Her programs, presented internationally, include Personal Branding, Bridging Cultural Gaps and Conflict Management. She facilitates executive committees and delivers leadership skills training.

Weiland holds a Masters of Arts in Organizational Management Development and is certified by the ICF as a Professional Certified Coach.  She’s built multiple million dollar sales territories and collaborated to increase revenues for companies like Disney, General Mills, 3M, Mattel, Paramount and Nestle.

Pat lives in Charleston, South Carolina, makes jewelry for fun and enjoys cooking for family and friends.


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Kris Potrafka

Kris Potrafka brings more than 10 years experience improving organizational capability and professional effectiveness to his role as an internal consultant in change management and organization development. He brings energy, passion and business acumen to move people forward. With the expectation of business results, Kris has brought quick success to leaders in the high-tech, gaming, and social networking industries. Kris specializes in strategic approaches to critical change initiatives including internal business communications and building communities of practice. Kris’ unique style easily bridges generations.

Core to Kris’ approach is the practical application of proven theories customized to work within the environment. His appreciation for each unique organization or individual drives him to build programs specifically to solve their issues. To bring the most current theory and research to his clients he uses his creative edge and curiosity to pursue a life of learning. He holds a Masters of Human Resources and Industrial Relations from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Masters of Arts in Psychology from Ball State University. In addition he holds crtificates in Change Management, Situational Leadership, Phillips ROI Methodology, and is completing the Evidence-Based Coaching Certification through Fielding Graduate University.

Kris lives in California where he surfs, reads and enjoys fine wine with friends and family. With Midwestern roots, Kris brings the virtues of respect, integrity, and perseverance that he learned on the farm from his grandfather.

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Kim Tedford

Kim Tedford is a coach and workshop producer with twenty years of experience in marketing communications project leadership. That’s two decades of delivering successful, complex, promotional programs to high profile and demanding clients. Kim’s natural consultative style helps diffuse emotional turmoil and inspire personal excellence in diverse, changing environments. As a coach, Kim supports client’s natural inclination to evolve by dismantling old paradigms and empowering expanded visions for personal and professional success. As a workshop producer, Kim helps individuals and organizations align values-driven goals with behavior and policies to bridge performance gaps.

Kim has great passion for bringing people and organizations to their creative center. She has sought tools and educational pathways to reawaken this connection. Believing we are powerful creators with a purpose, Kim seeks to enliven her client’s passion, align it with purpose, and meet external demands through personal meaning.

Kim has a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies and is in final stages of thesis completion to earn a Master of Arts in Human Development. Additionally, Kim is a certified practitioner and workshop producer for Unlimited Breath™ and Unlimited Body™, healing modalities designed to awaken a more conscious life.

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Michael Hess
Michael Hess brings twenty years of media production to working to his role as Principle of Alacran Media. Formally educated at San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Film and Video Production Michael has continuous passion for using those skills as a tool for learning. He continues to evolve his practice as technology advances while retaining those tried and true processes and foundation that works capturing timeless treasures and educational tools for those clients seeking to reach further in their careers. Through a myriad of training sessions, instructional videos and live events Michael has documented speakers of all ability levels. This has provided him with an accumulated wisdom and unique and valuable perspective on presentation and speaking skills.

Clients come from a broad spectrum of industry, medical, and educational institutions, and financial. He has been shooting (taping) speakers of all levels of expertise and with that experience he brings an experienced eye to all that he does. Alacran tapes a variety of live events, training videos, instructional videos, speaking engagements, personal events such as weddings, corporate presentations, college admission and job application reels. Michael has actively embraced Toastmasters and brought video graphing to the local chapter as a means to improve and document tips and tricks of excellence in speaking with technology.

Living in Santa Barbara California with his wife and young son Michael is firmly entrenched in the community. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors, camping and traveling to Baja, California.

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