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linkedin_profile_building-webJust as your professional development is crucial to the elevating your contribution inside the organization networking on the outside of your organization is important.  When vendors, shareholders, recruiters, applicants do a google search on you or your company it’s up to you to manage what they find.  The most respected and often visited social media website for professionals is Linkedin.  Ensure your presence isn’t a picture of you and your cat.  Give your profile a professional spin that matches your brand and will attract the kind of attention that you deserve. 

We provide services that build your profile, help grow your network with the people who matter to you and your business and keep you focused on the Contact us for resources on how to jump start your media presence.    You’ll want to know more to fully leverage Linkedin for business and for job search.
  • In the meantime here are tips to grab hold of your social presence with your LinkedIn profile.
  • Take time to learn LinkedIn.  There are tutorials and webinars to take advantage and understand what’s current on the website.
  • Entitle yourself, your job title doesn’t thoroughly give someone who doesn’t know you’re your full circle offering.  What kind of project manager are you?  Rock star of the finding hidden money of the finance world.  What personality do you bring to your title?  Put that on top so that’s the first thing people see about you.  Make sure the levity or seriousness matching your personality and the target market you’re seeking.
  • Edit all areas with job history, education, affiliations, certifications… especially use those often searched words.  The search here is no different from other social media search engines.  Use the words that you want to be known to offer.  If Joomla is your sweet spot.  Put that everywhere you can find a spot to insert it.  If not but it’s important to show breadth then use it once.  You get it.  Take advantage of all areas and key words.
  • Build your network.  Slowly, connect with 5 a day.  Make sure you know them.  The watch dogs won’t let you randomly connect to just anyone.  But selectively choose people good for your business.  Add five… and repeat tomorrow.
  • Post interesting articles and tell other people you find their articles interesting.  You’re connecting for a reason show up and say hello.   Do the tutorial on news and articles and posting and get on it.
Remember this takes time and it’s worth it. 
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