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Personal Brand Intensives

Personal Brand Intensives that build your Brand Identity and help you Promote Yourself Now!

What do Don Draper, Zoey Deschanel, Ironman, Dyson and Michael Jordan all have in common?

They have a really strong personal brand.  Packaged goods, services and people all have impact on you when you come in contact with them.  Their brand leaves an emotional imprint.  That imprint is extremely valuable and it is what influences millions of people to move to act.  They want people to watch their tv show, listen to their music, compete athletically, vacuum or buy stuff with their logo. That brand will either get them act or not.

Your personal brand is already formed. If you didn’t consciously form it you might not like the impression it leaves with people.  The reaction might be positive, neutral or negative.  Your personal or professional brand’s lasting impression may slide from strong to inconsequential.  This is how important branding is in your professional world.

The sad fact is your brand identity enters the room before you do!  Bad personal branding causes these problems:

  • Feeling or being stuck professionally
  • Being passed over for the amazing projects or promotions
  • You’re not playing your best game
  • Earning potential is limited
  • Feel drained
  • You’re sick of it and burned out
  • Want to hit re-fresh?


I hear you. I’ve been there…

After a 20-year career in marketing and sales I was massively burned out.

I couldn’t imagine coming back tomorrow, let alone waiting 10 more years until I could retire.

I was miserable.

I needed to change my situation

I didn’t even know it was possible to love what I did for a living instead of dreading waking up in the mornings.

So I decided to do something and through a deep dive and arduous process I re-invented myself.  I had to take my career development into my own hands. I started with a typical branding exercise and sought help along the way to get crystal clear clarity on my personal brand.  Knowing my brand allows me to be independent and do work that is meaningful and I love, love, love what I do, while making a great living.  But I needed help to get real with my brand.

I’m Pat Weiland and I help professionals clarify their personal brand so that they can confidently conquer their goals.

When you design your brand and the impression you want to leave it becomes much easier to…

  • Get that promotion for that job you know you’ll love
  • Start your own business and make it to six or seven figures as quickly as possible
  • Get venture capitalists to say yes to funding your start-up
  • Command the attention and respect of your peers employees and clients

I bring mastery, insight and laser focus to uncovering hidden talent, strengths and create goals that guide you to your personal brand making you irresistible to the right people. When the brand fits your dreams get bigger.

Let me help you… get clarity on your personal brand to love what you do.

Personal Branding Intensive – The Program That Will Give You Clarity to Succeed

Personal Brand Intensive is a step-by-step program that’ll help you create a personal brand that’ll allow you to get the clarity you need to succeed.

Here are some examples of how what I’m going to teach you in this program has helped others…

  • Got the VP title in two years
  • Got into first choice B school after being denied
  • Landed $20K coaching contract
  • Received promotion to SVP level then found the dream job elsewhere

When you take this program, you’ll learn what you’re uniquely good at and how to capitalize on that so you can get results like this, too.

You’ll finally be able to authentically market yourself with ease so that everyone around you sees how valuable of an asset you really are.

Join Us From Anywhere In The World

We’ll be meeting virtually for 4 weeks (don’t worry, when you sign up, you’ll get all the details of how to hop on the calls with us. It’s really simple.)

We start November 18th and we’ll be getting together online every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00pm – 1:00pm PST for the next 4 weeks.

So, are you ready to get the clarity you need to succeed?

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To Learn How Taking Control of Marketing Yourself Can Create Real Change, Happiness and Increased Income! 

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