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Our Promise

Our Promise

At Sage Strategies we promise to care deeply for your professional success.  In creating a vision for your career success, what is your goal or next step?

In your vision for career success, what do you see? Sage Strategists thrive in bringing out clarity, productivity and direction from legacy, new and emerging leaders. We are committed to your professional success. Our unique and confidential approach will uncover your strengths, patterns and challenges to create the plan and implement the process to:

  • Develop leadership presence and skills
  • Leverage your personal brand
  • Promote yourself with integrity

Our approach and process is starts where you are in your career by assessing your successes and challenges. Then, working together, we clarify the vision and create a plan of action.  There are many roads leading to success…we guide you to identify success and define the right path for you.

Why Sage Strategies?

We partner with coaches who have been in the line of fire and carry great professional success. They’ve studied behavior, gotten credentialed and have thousands of hours of coaching experience.  They have advanced degrees and are life-long learners. They know their strengths and leverage the ability to see and call out patterns of behavior that might not serve you. Their focus on productivity along with a knowing experience sets them apart of from professionals who are based solely in theory.

Real world corporate experience from:

  • Sales,
  • Marketing,
  • Operations
  • Graphics
  • Product Development

They hold success stories from coaching, leadership development and training experience in Fortune 500 organizations that market, manufacturer, provide service, entertain so we have deep understanding of people.

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