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Survive – Alive – Contrive – Thrive – How to get to your personal brand

A client described feeling dead inside.  It was so weird because she looked very much alive, vibrant and living a life that was interesting and exciting from the external point of view.  The death that she described wasn’t her heart, her soul or her drive.  It was her dream.  She forget what she was supposed to do in life and found herself on a path that looked like success but felt like a trap.

Knowing your personal brand is finding the energy source of your superpower and deciding how to use it.  Starting down path takes intention and conscious effort to notice.

How do you know if you feel “dead inside” and you’re on a path that could look like success but feels like a trap?

First, you ask yourself the question, “does what I am doing bring more energy?”

Then you assess for the following symptoms:

  • Feeling or being stuck
  • Being passed over for the amazing projects
  • Not playing your best game
  • Earning potential is limited
  • Feeling drained
  • Snarky attitude and statements
  • Sick of it / burned out
  • Cynical
  • Lack of confidence

The weird part of this is that you can feel like it is okay.  Life is okay. Things are okay.  Okay is simply that, okay.  Really that is not going to get you to through the next ten or twenty years of a career.  In fact why would you want to pull yourself out of bed each day for okay?

While she was doing jobs that she excelled at but felt wasn’t inspired to do (feeling dead inside) she got a bunch of experience that would allow her to get to the next step.

Here’s the challenge:  write down the three projects, moments, experiences in your career.  These are projects, jobs, sales that you pulled in, relationships that you bridged, solutions you created, times when you felt pleased with your effort.  Times when you had that inner smile even if no one noticed are important to note what you were doing then.

Write those down… start a journal to track these.  These are the nuggets where you find your super powers and define your personal brand.

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