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Why Tuesdays Matter by Patricia Weiland

No one even thinks about Tuesday. It’s not painful to start the day… it’s just Tuesday. The hump doesn’t happen until tomorrow. Anything that doesn’t get done today will get done tomorrow. The biggest meeting day is Thursday. Traffic in normal on Tuesday and horrible on Thursday. A coincidence? I think not. Tuesday is no Friday or Saturday and never mind being anywhere near a Sunday. Tuesday is, well, just Tuesday.

What Tuesday lacks in flash and emotion it gains incrementally in being a steady workhorse. Tuesday is a reset day. Tuesday is the day where projects move forward. The pallets get delivered and stock gets replenished. Tuesday was the “new release” day when I worked for Disney and the movie came out on VHS, DVD, HD or Blu-ray and now digitally. The day is still Tuesday. I have to say that if my personal brand was a day it would be Tuesday. Yours?

This Tuesday is the workhorse before Christmas and as I celebrate the holiday I am working towards being prepared for that day.   No mean feat while I am a solo professional practitioner in business to help others. This isn’t the season where many people are thinking “professional development for success.” But for me it’s a time for preparing for the online personal branding program I have coming up in January, writing for the workbook, planning for networking webinar at POPAI’s Globalshop and a workshop there for the POPAI Women’s League in March. In general I am ensuring success for next year. I am no different when it comes to overwhelm at the holidays. Here’s how my landscape looks.

Three major projects happening now:

  • Assessing the current year which includes ensuring the right financial details; invoicing and taxes
  • Dreaming about what next year could/should/better look like; structure, programs, technology and fun
  • Pulling details together for the celebrations planned; cooking, baking, gift exchange, decorating and communicating with loved ones far away.

So prioritization is the biggest challenge right now. My heart feels this as I say it. Because, well, it’s nearly impossible to achieve the success we expect. It’s challenging to really focus and really move the ball forward on anything beyond the essentials.

So, take a deep breath. Put the kettle on, and make a cup of herb tea, and collect yourself. Efficiency goes up and thinking is much clearer with a sense of calm. Mostly the holiday is really about getting together with the people that matter and making great memories. Think back to previous years, what do you remember?

And just for the record… do as I say not as I do…

Merry Christmas!

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