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Building self-confidence by figuring out How to Get a Job


CommunicationBuilding self-confidence by figuring out How to Get a Job

As a coach I encounter many questions that are unanswerable.  Like how do I get a job?  Seriously there are so many paths to getting “a” job.  So how do I answer that?   The truth is that the more you know about yourself the easier it is to be attractive to employers.  The more you know what you’re really good at it’s easier to highlight that.  The more you know about what you’re not so interested in doing makes it easier to get hired.

But the truth is you need to want to actually work not just get a job.  So if you have that going for you, you’ll probably get a job.

3 aspects to look for to uncover this…

  1. What do you lose track of time doing?
  2. What’s easy for you?
  3. What do you look forward to doing?

Easy to answer?  Great then find an employer who offers that and network to get them to talk to you.

Not so easy?  Then answer these additional 3 questions?

  1. What do people ask you to do that you don’t really think is hard?
  2. What do you do on a “non-work” day?
  3. What classes were easy for you in school?

What do you see?  Seriously there is a story here…

One of my college clients was telling me about what he wanted to do.  He said work in an ad agency.  I asked, “Doing what?”  He didn’t have an answer.    Well, you need an answer.  We talk about how he was always doing excel spreadsheets, not sure how we got to that but, I told him that was a valued commodity at any agency.  You either like that or you don’t.   He found himself in front of a hiring manager that needed that but didn’t have that.  Go figure he got hired.

What’s your valuable commodity that gets you hired?

How does that impact self-confidence?  When you know what you offer an employer you have a lot more to talk about in the interview and can easily identify the WIIFM for the hiring manager.   When you can point your job search in a direction that you’re actually interested in it is fun.  When you are doing what you love you’re better at “it.”  Do these things and your confidence will grow.

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