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Transition is easier for other people…wait, no… it’s just plain hard

As a person in transition I feel it on two levels…. One as the messy person who is regrouping after a contract went away. The other is as a researcher in the theory of behavioral change. Unfortunately, and not surprising to anyone but me, the messy part often overshadows the researcher in me. I am a process girl. I found that out in grad school when there was a question on group function that we were supposed to describe. The […]

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Success is a group effort

You can’t do any behavioral change in a vacuum.  Okay maybe this is a little too global and not really on point.  However I am reading about the sales process and how to create a system of sales activities to grow my business.  Now that I have capacity I need to generate activity or some would call it income or business.  That includes blogging and it includes making outbound calls to people who might bring me business or hire me […]

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The motivation to learn about social behavior… the story of my life…

Someone, who is close to me, asked me what I actually do?  Yikes, I might need to actually explain what I do to keep my position of what… dominance?  I don’t really think that’s it.  But I think that if I can’t explain it to the people close to me most likely people who might like to hire me don’t really get what I do either.  So I thought I would tell you the story about how I got to […]

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What did I do all day?

What can we learn from robotics in packaging?   I was boasting to a colleague who retired from the same company that cut the program I was on that I could write on any topic.  The truth is that I am not really able to write on any topic.  Or am I?  Just kidding – I am not writing on the topic above. The topic we talked about and I find myself inclined to write about is massive structural change in our […]

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Get Social and grow your career! HBR says it so it must be true!

From an email dated JULY 27, 2012 from Harvard Business Review…. Why You Should Sit with More People in the Lunchroom Workers who regularly sit with large groups of colleagues at tables for 10 or 12 in their lunchrooms have substantially higher performance than those who sit at tables for 4, according to a CNN report on findings by researcher Ben Waber. Workers who sit with larger groups at lunch tend to be clued in to the work of greater […]

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From VitalSmarts email Crucial Skills – Procrastination

Dear Crucial Skills, I tend to procrastinate overwhelming work projects until the last minute and know this bad habit is keeping me from advancing in my career. I feel like I’ve tried everything, but nothing has helped. I don’t know how to change. Can you help me? Habitual Procrastinator Dear Procrastinator, (written by Joseph Grenny) Funny you should ask. I’ve managed to put off writing my response to you for three weeks now! But I’m flying home from Chicago and […]

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What you don’t know could hurt your career

In coaching we concentrate on three areas; changing you, changing your job or changing your career.  Now I realize those are broad strokes on change and in consulting the areas are different but concentrate on changing individuals in group forums.  So back to you… the one thing you can do, while better understanding your career and job options, is to get to know yourself better.  In the 50’s Joe and Harry created a four square matrix on the sides of […]

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Suggestions for Global Teams – also good for local teams

From Harvard Business Review management tip of the day, adapted from “Leveling the Playing Field on Cross-Cultural Teams” by Andy Molinsky. Managers of global teams need to make special considerations to ensure everyone is able to contribute, regardless of their culture or location. Here’s how: Make the team norms explicit. People can bring different and potentially conflicting communication approaches to the table. It’s critical to discuss how those will influence the standards and expectations of your team. Create an inclusive team […]

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