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What you don’t know could hurt your career

In coaching we concentrate on three areas; changing you, changing your job or changing your career.  Now I realize those are broad strokes on change and in consulting the areas are different but concentrate on changing individuals in group forums.  So back to you… the one thing you can do, while better understanding your career and job options, is to get to know yourself better.  In the 50’s Joe and Harry created a four square matrix on the sides of your motivation and behaviors.  They are categorized by, what else, four areas.  The behaviors that you know you do, and others know you do.  The behaviors that you know you do and others don’t know or see you do.  The behaviors that  you don’t see and others see.  And lastly the behaviors or motivation that’s  not conscious to you or to others.

The only area that has magical growth potential is the area that you’re not conscious of but others clearly see you do.  In coaching we work to make that quadrant smaller.    It takes courage to actually ask people what they see you do that might prevent you from moving forward in your professional path.  It takes a real desire to change things holding you back to ask the questions and stay open to the answers.  It also is the sign of great leadership.  You remember the story of the emperor with the tailor?  There is another post on that.   But great leaders are ones who aren’t afraid of the truth or new ideas or real dialogue on their behavior that might be mitigate success.

There are many ways to discover in this process:

  • formal coaching to better understand through reflection feedback
  • 360 or multi-rater feedback tool
  • ask people within a circle of trust then move to open up that circle
  • behavioral assessments that show preferences or unconscious actions
  • read about different situations
  • journal with an eye of a third party investigative pen

The point is to do something to better understand yourself.  That awareness will be a cause set in motion.  Don’t shoot the messenger.  Don’t assume that all behaviors need to be changed.  Just stay open and interested like a friend was telling you a story they really wanted to share.

The ROI on this isn’t quantifiable but coaching has 500 to 700% return.  If you take that over your career lifespan the numbers are ridiculous.

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